Quantum Unknown

by gravitysays_i




released September 16, 2016

It’s been a long time since the release of their previous album “The Figures Of Enormous Grey And The Patterns Of Fraud” (2011). Gravitysays_i are back with their third album, “Quantum Unknown”, which makes the long wait worthwhile.

If their previous album was a big battle with themselves, “Quantum Unknown” is the liberation from their own selves. In this mood they began creating this album of 6 tracks, which is the result of four years of recordings and intense experimentation of the band in new fields of music and lyrics. This time, the band’s themes play with every knowledgeable form in an attempt to escape from the human gaze itself. Music-wise the experimental and electronic element replaces the electric effusions of their previous work.

"Quantum Unknown" is available on vinyl, cd and digital album via Inner Ear.

The current Gravitysays_i line-up is:
Manos Paterakis (vocals, santur, guitar)
Nikos Retsos (drums, synths)
Mampre Kasardjian (bass)
Nikos Sotiropoulos (guitar)
Costas Stergiou (keyboards)
Vangelis Κatsarelis (trumpet)

Additional musicians playing on this album:
Alekos Georgoulopoulos – guitar
George Kontogiannis – Cretan lyra
Peggy Zarrou – vocals
released September 16, 2016


Music composed by Manos Paterakis and Nikos Retsos
Arranged by Manos Paterakis, Nikos Retsos and Mampre Kasardjian
Concept and lyrics by Manos Paterakis
Produced by Nikos Retsos
Assistant producer: Manos Paterakis
Sound engineering and mix: Nikos Retsos
Recorded @ Wannabizz studio
Mastering: Giannis Christodoulatos @ Sweetspot studio
Artwork by Ifigenia Vasiliou



all rights reserved


gravitysays_i Athens, Greece

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Track Name: More Than A Matter Of Instict
I know
Time will
Sharpen the outlines and boundaries

Decipher forms
Decipher tones
Beyond the indiscernible
And back to my heart

A dot
A line
The tip of a mountain
In poor light

Deliberate collision course
A tragedy yet ethical
My cherished debris

I would name it
“The ever changing ritual”

All over me
Over and over again

Dominating the uneven path

Grim and sharp turns
Bravery to unfold
Track Name: Of Woe / Migratory Birds
Of Woe

I have given up the word
No more veiled pretense

Oh, the word
Suffocating and meager

And I’m trying to keep
Breathing in heat
Recount the untold

Notion and belief
A Doubted way
Vague outcome

Evolving term
And regrettable measure

The angle will drift
Meaning will heave
Into a wider frame

Of woe

Dwell within the warm curves
- Imperial father figure -
Of woe

Unthinkable, in range, field
Widened out by breathing

Enraging vibration
Of a petrified motif
Given the tone
Given the rhythm
Of woe

My heart
Will carry on
Pondering on the world
The unhidden beauty and
The dark grey heavy air

Οpen the doors
Anything may befall
Be humble and grateful
Humble and grateful

Migratory Birds

I remember
The day I heard

“The raindrops you feel
Are not for real
Neither rainbows are”

And then I broke into a thousand migratory birds

On the ocean
On newfound grounds
On the heady breeze

The firmament!
- Purple
- Fiery red

I’m heading there where, what I’ve been told, can be undone
Track Name: Dowser
I hold the Grail
A divining rod
There, in the battlefield
Fragments are hidden

I hold the Grail
A divining rod
Collect them all, I shall
And then accomplished
I’ll re-crumple
Track Name: An Ivory Heart

Hunger and grief

Leaf by leaf
“The brown remnants”

Wilted on the ground
Wilted on the ground

Upward bound

On half curved edges

Within my branchlike hands
- Scented branchlike hands -
Astounded, I found
An ivory heart

Oh painful hail
Breathtaking heat, unpleasant drought
Wild, infinite rain

Let seasons dissolve me
Track Name: Every Man
Weary in the head
Though eager to tread
Tightrope for credence
Heaven for hell

Deepening void
Time in reverse will take back
All my efforts
All of my ways

Indifferent crowd
In the middle of nowhere
If I will not save me
Nobody will

Every man for himself

On the whole
- I’ve earned it -
A worn out fragment
Of the truth in me

Hailing from my forehead
Dark or bright
Track Name: Quantum Unknown (Riveted Eye)
Hidden truth
You, with the riveted eye
Haunted youth
Haunted the mindful

Hidden truth
Nobody worthy
Tangible thread
Intangible the end

Oh! I'm trapped
In a wicked web
That imitates your grandeur

A noble waif
Overwhelmed and hungry
A riveted eye