The Figures Of Enormous Grey And The Patterns Of Fraud

by gravitysays_i

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released February 15, 2011



all rights reserved


gravitysays_i Athens, Greece

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Track Name: The Figures Of Enormous Grey Part 1
The patterns of fraud

Let-down with all the virtues of the majority
The casualties of greed
And those who have no integrity to show

Terrified men are crushing each other
Quite awful needs for quite awful Power

Uncertain truth
The cross I bear
And your point of view

Considered all,
We are
Misguided souls in the patterns of fraud

And I can’t withdraw my self from the battles I’m into…
Brutal the fact
As brutal the culture

The unshakeable alibi

The King of all
The Pattern, the unbearable
Trading on
The fear, we share, of dying

And everyone glorifies the Holy Word
Delivered by Unholy Minds

Little by little grew the fraud of The Ages

What is hovering above?

The obedience will be treated like royalty
The royalty shall be rewarded with eternity…

Delusions of grandeur

The “All things decay” nebula

The dreaming came out of nowhere…
Merging by deliberating

The finger of blame

Unwritten law
The mud we’re all in

The fraud of institution
- A slavery of Ego

How would you call the “Modern Man”?
Who’s intrigued with his own icon
And the tendency of modern living

I call him coward
Who’s settled down in his unawareness

Are the infants fated to follow?

The urge of identity

Where do the figures of enormous grey fit in?
In which frame?
Which landscape?

Is it the light that refuses to deign them?
Track Name: The Figures Of Enormous Grey Part 2
The figures of enormous grey

If it were in my power
Yearning to gratify
She’d gain her freedom
And he would arrive in time

Drowned in the grief
Of our unfulfilled dream
Grey turned our figure
Loose turned our belief

The paradox of youth

The farewell letters

I’m tired
Of all your tricks
The cannibals you breed
Are heading my home

Oh You! Dreadful Monster
I can’t change the World
I wish I could just rip your heart off

Farewell, You Triumphant One!

Cause I don’t have to put up with
The panic and the horror
And your majestic cruelty

In the battles of acceptance

I don’t preach…
But all we know is what we have been told
- A false tradition?

Our degenerated race will get what it deserves
- A Great Downfall?

Cause nothing shall ever come back
The years
The beloved ones
- Who all had died like martyrs in the patterns of fraud
The World
The Stars
And everything between us

Let us be forgotten
Let us rest in peace
We were the figures of enormous grey
And we should never have been